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Akra: Promoting Southeast Asian Agriculture to the World

Akra Agriculture Partners, Inc. and its affiliate companies were formed starting in 2010 to promote agriculture projects in Southeast Asia, focusing on Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. Akra is especially interested in products which are unique to the region, including varieties of fruits, vegetables and other food products which appeal to American and other markets.

Business Consulting

If you are an agriculture producer (farming, milling) in Southeast Asia, we would like to discuss how we can work together to promote your products, including the types of processing, packaging and logistics requirements needed to enter U.S. and other markets.

Akra can help your company expand its operations in the U.S. through market entry, acquisitions, investment in other businesses, or joint ventures. Our team includes experienced mergers and acquisitions professionals, sales and marketing executives, legal and financial advisors and negotiators with international transactional experience.

Akra can serve as an agent or representative for a business who chooses confidentiality during initial discussions. We strictly observe confidentiality and security protocols to ensure that clients are protected. We can broker transactions, negotiate terms, conduct due diligence on sites, personnel, or business conditions, deal with legal and regulatory matters, and secure all available tax incentives and other economic development benefits for your business.

For partners in the early stages of market entry, we can serve as a confidential agent for the preparation of market studies, background checks on potential personnel, and financial analyses on industry, competitor or site-specific matters.

In dealing with host governments, we can assist our clients with trade and tariff issues, tax agreements, land use permits, and government incentives. We typically work at the highest levels of the host government to establish broad agreements on conditions before attending to detailed negotiations over documentary terms. During any engagement, we assess economic and political risk in addition to normal business risk in the market.

We have relationships with business and political advisors in China, Asia and the Middle East to find strategic alliances and local partners, and to ensure that our clients are protected against unwanted surprises which may affect business conditions.

After a client has completed its market entry or expanded presence, Akra Group can act as an on-going agent to coordinate legal, financial, or other business support needs. We can facilitate immigration entry and visas, translation and travel, and banking relationships. We understand success in business is often in attention to the details.

Akra Group does not own or operate your business. We work with you to evaluate your business needs, facility requirements, and potential financial benefits for working with us. We recognize our relationship must be a win-win for both parties. Akra Group will acquire or develop to your specification an agriculture processing or packaging facility which meets your needs.

Akra AG Partners - Mango Field
Akra AG Partners - Pepper Picker
Akra AG Partners - Kavanah Pepper Farm
Akra AG Partners - Mango Farm
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